Zebra ZC100 Printer Review

Zebra ZC100 Printer Review

Zebra ZC Series Printers Review

If you’re currently seeking a new card printer to crank out your staff ID, gift or loyalty cards, then you may want to consider looking at the all new Zebra Card Printer line. Zebra recently released three sleek printers and we’ve got our hands on them to put them through their paces. 

The ZC Series incorporates all the best and most sophisticated features of modern card printing in one refined, sleep case. Zerba have also added a few new more advanced features not typically seen in the industry. 

Offering a unique industrial design with the slimmest profile and lowest clearance in its class, the ZC100 and ZC300 Series card printers can be installed in space-constrained environments such as under a counter or shelf. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of whats new on the ZC range. 

Smaller Profiles With Custom Covers

Desk space is often at a premium especially in smaller envionrments such as Hotel front desks or gyms. Catering to real world problems, Zebra has engineered the ZC line to be the smallest card printer on the market with an ultra slim profile and low clearance. 

With aesthetics playing more of a part than ever in contemporary businesses environments, Zebra decided to add custom covers to fir your printer that gels seamlessly with your environment while at the same time reflecting your brand identity. 

The side cover are easily removable as well, which makes for exceptionally easy repairs and troubleshooting if you’re comfortable with that sort of thing. 

Advanced Card Feeding with Automatic Adjustments
The ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350 Series card printers feature a new card feeder that automatically adjusts to the thickness of each card. If you need dual-side printing, the models have an optional flipper module that is field upgradeable.

Simpler One-Step Loading and Unloading
Zebra has addressed one of the headaches of card printing with hinged doors on the card output hopper and a new ribbon door design that simplify loading and unloading. All of this makes Zebra’s new card printers faster and easier to load. There’s only one way to insert the ribbon, so users will never wonder if they’re inserting the ribbon correctly. All these design features add up to a really cool printer.

Zebra Zc100 Printer
Zebra ZC100 Printer
Zebra ZC300 Printer
Zebra ZC300 Printer
Zebra Zc350 Printer
Zebra ZC350 Printer
Zebra Zc Printers

Enhanced Security Features
Security is always a critical issue when it comes to card printing—both for cards and the printers that produce them. With the ZC100 and ZC300 Series, the dual-sided printer has the option to send finished cards to a secure 10-card bin within the printer for added security. There’s also an optional printer cover lock that secures all media, including cards and ribbons.

For more advanced security requirements, Zebra incorporates host authentication firewalls to prevent printer intrusion, and its government-grade encryption features help protect sensitive data in the most demanding security environments.

Encoding Options:
Speaking of security, the ZC350 offers smart card encoding such as contact and contactless encoding, as well as your typical magnetic stripe encoding. New in these printers is the ability to read proximity and iClass cards.


Specialty ribbons
The ZC350 offers three new ribbon choices featuring specialty colors and special effects, such as color-shifting graphics that are hard to counterfeit and watermarks that can only be seen when the card is tilted at an angle or viewed under UV light.

The driver
On the downside, the printer must be connected to your PC to access the driver. This can be a pain if you are trying to do remote maintenance or demo the driver. If your printer is not connected, the driver won’t load. That’s our only complaint.

All in all a great series of printers. We’re impressed!

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